The Watoto wa Africa Orphanage

The Watotowaafrica orphanage in Mwanza/Tanzania is a facility in great need because they have no or just irregular electricity and no drinking water. Their source for water is just collecting rain water in large tanks. In spring 2023 they had a typhoic epidemic with some dead children. Supporting the orphanage, VoltaViewAfrica will install a VoltaViewAfrica Powerhouse serving electricity and clean drinking water at the orphanage by the end of this year. This project will be supported by the Rotary Club Goslar.

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Fishing is the main source of income for many families in sub-Saharan Africa along the west and east African coasts and the large lakes in the central parts of the continent, e.g. Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Malawi Lake. The fishing boats are mainly operated with petrol outboard engines.