Kibumba Island/Lake Victoria Tanzania

The team from Fraunhofer HHI and Clausthal University of Technology initiated their first project in collaboration with the Tanzanian company JUMEME Ltd. in 2019 at Lake Victoria on the island Kibumba. A powerhouse with 12 kWp solar and 75 kWh lithium-ion battery storage was installed at the island serving as off-grid power supply for the village, the primary school and nursery of the island. In addition, a sewing room was installed giving the women of the island the possibility to establish micro business and in such way supporting their families with additional income. In 2021 a water purification system was installed at the island serving the people with clean water. This project was supported by a Rotary District Grant (District 1800) and the Rotary Club Goslar.

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Fishing is the main source of income for many families in sub-Saharan Africa along the west and east African coasts and the large lakes in the central parts of the continent, e.g. Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Malawi Lake. The fishing boats are mainly operated with petrol outboard engines.